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What is DIA-SOx?


Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System has the world’s top market share, experience and achievements over more than half a century in flue gas desulfurization facilities for land-based power generation plants.Mitsubishi Kakoki offers a wide range of marine products such as marine fuel oil purifiers, lubricating oil purifiers, and equipment that complies with environmental regulations.
We have commercialized a distinctive SOx scrubber system by integrating Mitsubishi Shipbuilding's marine engineering capabilities with the technologies possessed by both companies.
This product is "DIA-SOx."


With this phrase in mind, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding is striving to develop and promote marine solutions such as "DIA-SOx", to contribute to further development of marine logistics and a reduction of environmental impacts that are expanding on a global scale.

DIA-SOx series

DIA-SOx R-type

DIA-SOx R-type

A scrubber system for large power engines that adopts a rectangular tower and offers superior placement especially for container ships.

DIA-SOx C-type

DIA-SOx C-type

A multi-stream scrubber system that excels in versatility and processes multiple engine exhaust gases with a single cylindrical tower.

The Role of Mitsubishi Shipbuilding

A SOx scrubber system is a device that removes sulfur oxides (SOx) from the exhaust gases of main engines and generator engines installed in ships.
The engine room layout design of ships has changed over time, with electronic control of the engine, the mandatory installation of local fire extinguishers and ballast water treatment system, etc. but SOx scrubber systems have been one of the devices with the largest impact in the last 20 years.

Also, scrubber installation does not only change the engine room, but also greatly influences the basic plan of the entire ship including the appearance, stability, longitudinal strength, equipment number and so on.
Furthermore, the scrubber system does not function independently.
For example, the scrubber tower itself is incorporated into the engine exhaust gas pipe system, the pump for the scrubber sytem is connected to the seawater system, and the scrubber monitoring and recording system is used by receiving related signals from the GPS and the engine control system.

Therefore, unlike other marine auxiliaries, this system requires careful preparation to be installed in the ship while fully integrating with the existing piping system and electrical system.
Through joint development with each Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems and Mitsubishi Kakoki, the role of Mitsubishi Shipbuilding is to commercialize a scrubber system that is highly safe, reliable and easy to apply to existing engine plant, and to provide a variety of services to the customers such as shipowners and shipyards, so that they can more quickly, more easily, and more reliably install our systems.

Value creation through joint development

Value creation through joint development
We develop the system requirements and design concept based on the customer's views, actual ship operational data, and the results of analyzing installations on various ship types.
Based on the requirements and concepts, we utilize the knowledge each partner has developed to realize the scrubber system.
Marinize review
Using our long experience of shipbuilding, we review the design from the perspective of shipyards that actually carry out installation of the scrubber system.
We continue to make improvements to detailed points such as customizing land-use equipment and improving ease of installation as well as complying with classification rules and international regulations.
The concepts of "DREaM PaC" and "ACTIVE FUNNEL" were born out of this marinize review.
We are working to reduce costs of common parts by joint purchasing, developing a local supply chain for overseas production, and building a stable supply scheme for products.
We propose the optimum system for the planned ships.
In the case of retrofit, we also support requests for package orders including engineering and installation work at our dockyard and so on.
We also support requests such as dispatching supervisor when carrying out installation work at overseas yards, etc.