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DIA-SOx Products

A product lineup of DIA-SOx that fits a wide variety of ship types and exhaust gas volumes.

DIA-SOx R-type

DIA-SOx R-type

Rectangular scrubber tower for large output engines such as Mega Container Ships

Engine load Type of ship
30 – 75 MW Medium,Large Container Ship etc.
DIA-SOx C-type

DIA-SOx C-type

Cylindrical scrubber tower that can apply to all types of ships

ECA Hybrid Open Loop DREaM PaC
Engine load Type of ship
5 - 30 MW PCTC, Bulk Carrier, Tanker,
small Container Ship etc.


Seawater taken from outside the ship is sprayed inside the scrubber tower to wash the exhaust gas to separate and absorb the sulfur oxides.
The seawater used for cleaning is discharged outside the ship as drainage.
This system is suitable for retrofitting since the equipment configuration is simple and installation work is relatively easy.



This system has both “open loop” system and “closed loop” system and can be switched over according to the navigating sea area. Closed loop system performs desulfurization with circulating water containing a neutralizing agent.

In closed loop operation, seawater used for cleaning is collected in a tank and used repeatedly as washing water. As the washing water absorbs sulfur oxides, it becomes acidic, so sodium hydroxide is injected as a neutralizing agent for pH adjustment.
Also, soot and oil in the exhaust gases accumulate in the washwater and contaminate it, so part of the water is extracted and treated by a wastewater treatment device and fresh seawater is supplied to keep the properties. Furthermore, the temperature of the washing water is kept by a heat exchanger.
In closed-loop operation, stable desulfurization performance can be obtained even in sea areas with low seawater concentrations and in areas where drainage is prohibited(*).

(*)In case that a drainage tank is installed. (In closed loop operation, a very small amount of drainage is generated to keep the neutralization product concentration below a certain level, so it is necessary to temporarily store this drainage in a drainage tank in drainage-prohibited areas.)


DREaM PaC(**)

Container package of auxiliaries for hybrid system


(**) Devices for Rinsing Exhaust gas and Managing effluent in Packaged Containers.

This is an optional devices as packaged containers where main auxiliaries of hybrid system are modularized and built into.
Since this container package can also be mounted on an exposed deck, it is possible to plan installation with minimal changes on ships with limited space.
During installation, the main work consists of connecting piping and electric cables to the container, so the installtion period can be shortened considerably.
Stainless steel tank containers for sodium hydroxide storage can also be provided.
This device reduces the risk of leakage and corrosion and improves reliability because large scale installation work of hull structural tank and internal paint work is unnecessary.
This device can flexibly respond to future tank increases or decreases.