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Installtion support

Total support for scrubber installtion
with world leading shipbuilding technology

Scrubber Retrofit Engineering

Powerful support for retrofitting of scrubber systems

Scrubber Retrofit Flow
Scrubber Retrofit Flow
Engineering work with equipment supply

Equipment selection, Planning and designing of outline retrofitting work

Engineering work with equipment supply

Documentation for detail drawings and application for class approval

Equipment supplyEngineering work with equipment supply

Manufacturing of scrubber tower, Procurement of related auxiliaries and electrical equiopment

Engineering work with equipment supply

Production design, procurement of necessary materials and manufacturing outfitted parts by the repair yard

Engineering work with equipment supply

Installation work by the repair yard

Engineering work with equipment supply

Commissioning and adjustment

Scrubber Retrofit disposition example

  Large Tanker Large Bulk Carrier Large Container Ship Medium Chemical Large sized PCTC
Ship Type 300,000 DWT VLCC 100,00 DWT Bulk Carrier 7,000 TEU Container Ship 12,000 DWT Chemical 6,400 CEU PCTC
Main Engine Output Abt.27MW Abt.11MW Abt.50MW Abt.4.4MW Abt.14MW
Tower Type, Size C-type
Φ:5,000mm H:8,100mm
Φ:3,200mm H:6,800mm
Active Funnel (Customized)
L:15,000mm W:12,000mm
Φ:2,800mm H:8,000mm
Φ:4,500mm H:7,500mm
Remark Large tankers and large bulk carriers is easier to arrange auxiliary machinery in the engine room because of the enlarged hull form, compared to other types of vessels. For tower placement, it is necessary to devise if the casing is narrow. In case of ULCS, the size of the scrubber tower becomes large because the output of the main engine is large, so arrangement whitch minimizes the cargo loss is required. For medium and small sized ships, generally there is only a little space, so arrangement of devices such as seawater pumps and auxiliary equipment and scrubber tower need to be devised. In case of large sized PCTCs, an arrangement with a reduced height is required because funnnel height is close to the airdraft limit.